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I have the following query:

def home
    @posts = Post.where(:isGroup => "public").order('created_at DESC').page(params[:page]).per(20)

I'd like to cache this query unless a new Post is added to the Post model.

When I use

expires_in 5.minutes, public: true

it caches the whole action instead of just the query (and messes up the whole page, since the results are the beginning of an infinite scroll, and the page has a login).

When i do:

cache "home_post", expires_in: 10.minutes do
     @posts = Post.where(:isGroup => "public").order('created_at DESC').page(params[:page]).per(20)

It does not seem to show any performance improvement and also does not update when a new post is added.

What would be the best way to just cache the query?

Thank you.

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You could cache the object as is Rails.cache.write and is what you need. More details are here

To clean the cache everytime a post is created you can use after_create and then sweep the cache. For more see examples here

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If I do this, I get an error (TypeError (can't dump anonymous class #<Module:0x007fde45a07c80>): Rails.cache.fetch("homepage_posts", :expires_in => 5.minutes) do @posts = Post.where(:isGroup => "public").order('created_at DESC').page(params[:page]).per(20) end – user749798 Apr 19 '13 at 0:35
I would cache it this way Rails.cache.write("homepage_posts", Post.where(:isGroup => "public").order('created_at DESC').page(params[:page]).per(20).all ). .all caches the records and not just the active record instance. I would read it the same way too'homepage_posts') – shishirmk Apr 19 '13 at 0:42

Well, you could also caches_action :home, :expires_in => 5.minutes, :layout => false, :public => true and it'll just cache the query and data, and not the action's layout.

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