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Does Dojo support creation of custom language variants to be used for with Dojo's locale and i18n

Does anyone know if I am able to create a custom language variant for Dojo's locale that works with i18n?.


   root: {
     greeting: "Hello, world!"
  "de-myVariant" : true
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Yes, it can be done. If you have nls/SampleApp.js as:

   root: {
     greeting: "Hello!"
  "de" : true,
  "de-at": true,
  "de-x-mundl": true

then there would be three sub-directories under nls:


for nls/de/SampleApp.js:

    greeting: "Hallo!"

for nls/de-at/SampleApp.js:

    greeting: "Gruß Gott!"

and for nls/de-x-mundl/SampleApp.js:

    greeting: "Servus, Mundi!"

Then if you config Dojo to get the locale as a URL parameter:

<script src="./dojo/1.8.3/dojo/dojo.js" 
        data-dojo-config="locale: location.search.substring(1).toLowerCase()">

you can switch the language easily by passing the locale tag as that parameter:


Note that Dojo considers locale tags as case-sensitive and that's why the input is toLowerCase()ed and internally all the tags are kept in lower-case.

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