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Is it possible to have a different wrap around a submenu if it is the submenu of the actual page? (or one of the sites of the submenu is the actual page) I tried it with


but this works only if a site of the submenu is the actual site.


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menu.2.ACT.wrapItemAndSub = your | wrap


menu.2.CUR.wrapItemAndSub = your | wrap

This will wrap the link and the childs.

CUR is used when you are on that page, so when its the current page, and ACT is used when one of childs is the current page.

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Please try the below codes:

menu.2.ACT.allWrap #will work if the branch is active
menu.2.CUR.allWrap #will work for current page.
menu.2.NO.allWrap #will other inactive branches.
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but ACT just works for the active branch downwards and not upwards, right? because I need something that works just for the submenu even if the parent menu part is active – SPie Apr 21 '13 at 15:38
ACT works for the whole active branch. – Sankar V Apr 21 '13 at 15:50

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