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I just simply want something that will take a textarea full of CSS and turn it into JSON using the CSS JSON method.


Does anyone know of something that will decode CSS into JSON? It would also be helpful if it could encode it as well.

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I don't know of any ready-made solution, but it wouldn't be too difficult to make something (particularly if the CSS is already parsed by the browser). – Jan Dvorak Apr 19 '13 at 1:17
It's not really something I wanted to undertake. IE: dealing with background tags VS background-image I was hoping someone already solved those issues in order to save large amounts of time. – Iscariot Apr 19 '13 at 1:19

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This js parser has both methods you are looking for.

CSS JSON parser

// To JSON
var json = CSSJSON.toJSON(cssString);

// To CSS
var css = CSSJSON.toCSS(jsonObject);

Or jQuery plugin parser.

jQuery parser

Example css:

div div:first {
  font-weight: bold;
  -jquery: each(function() {alert(this.tagName);})

div > span {
  color: red;

JSON output sent to the callback:

  'div div:first' : {
    'font-weight' : 'bold',
    '-jquery': 'each(function() {alert(this.tagName);})'
  'div > span' : {
    'color': 'red'

You can apply css string to an element like this:

var cssJSON = '{ "display": "none" }';
var obj = JSON.parse(json);

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You beautiful man you. – Iscariot Apr 20 '13 at 1:24
I searched indefatigably to find something like this and I could only come up with bunk. Thank you. – Iscariot Apr 20 '13 at 12:07
No problem. Glad it helped. – Rok Burgar Apr 20 '13 at 12:17
After playing with it I am going to write the whole thing, but I appreciate the guy doing a proof of concept... It's just lacking. – Iscariot Apr 20 '13 at 12:58
Great. Then maybe you can open source it. That way we will have more options in the future. – Rok Burgar Apr 20 '13 at 13:05

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