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I'm currently using JWplayer 6, and I figured that there are configurations "differences" between JWPlayer 5 and 6.

Does anyone know how to set primary and fallback for JWPlayer 6?

I've set my script this way:

out.println("<div id=\"myElement\">Loading the player...</div>");
out.println("<script type=\"text/javascript\">");
out.println("{'file': \"rtmp://\"},");
out.println("{'file': \"\"},");
out.println("width: \"720\",");
out.println("height: \"480\"");

When I go to my PC browser and check my website, it cannot display. However, if I used my iphone, it shows. If I comment out http, my browser can show the video, but not my iphone. If I comment out rtmp, my iPhone can show the video. But I needed stream support as my primary.

Has anyone had this problem before?


EDIT: Use 'primary':'flash' just before width 720 and after ] (close square brackets). And it works with stream and HTML for both PC and handheld devices, WOOHOO!!

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Do you have a link we can look at? – emaxsaun Apr 19 '13 at 16:23
Nice, glad you got it! :) – emaxsaun Apr 20 '13 at 3:10
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Try this it works on JwPlayer 6.3.

        jwplayer("<?php echo $this->id?>").setup({

                autostart: 'true' ,
                flashplayer: "<?php echo CHtml::asset($this->_path.'/jwplayer.flash.swf')?>",
                width:<?php echo $this->width?>,
                height:<?php echo $this->height?>,
                playlist: [{
                    sources: [
                       //Desktop: Use RTMP protocol and played by flash.
                        file: "<?php echo $this->rtmpPath;?>"
                        //Mobile: Use HLS protocol and played by HTML5
                        file: "<?php echo $this->hlsPath;?>",

Reference: Fallback to direct download

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