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I am trying to run BB10 Simulator to port my web app. The simulator runs okay until the point where I launch any apps on the simulator, then the app crashes and never loads. The fact that the simulator runs makes me think I fit the minumum requirement.

But after looking at my graphics card, I am not sure I do. Hence, the app crashes on the sim. Does Intel HD Family graphics cards fit the min graphics requirment of NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or higher or an ATI Radeon HD 2600 or higher?

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The BB10 simulator doesn't really use GPU acceleration and I've successfully used it on a MacMini (i5 HD3000) and a Lenovo Laptop (i3 HD3000).

The simulator run the real OS, so unlike Ripple, if you do something forbidden (writing somewhere you’re not supposed to, accessing a resource you didn’t request – PIM, BBM ID, Internet) then the QNX kernel kills you. (Double-check the bar-descriptor.xml)

I’ve never used webworks, but it may be a good idea to install the Native SDK: Momentics (The C++/Cascades IDE) can be frightening, but there is a “QNX Device” perspective that can open a browser to the {simulator|real phone} file system and access to logs. You will have more detail explaining why your application was killed.

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