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This is my question.

    (f)Define a method, public String toString(),  that returns a String consisting of the Student object’s admin number, name and average score.

    (h)Define another constructor with the method signature Student(String studentRecord),where studentRecord is of the format given below:   adminNo;name;day/month/year;test1;test2;test3 birthdate
       Example of a given string: 031234F;Michael Tan;01/08/1980;60;70;98

    (i)Break up studentRecord into its constituent elements and use them to initialise the class variables, adminNo, name, birthdate, test1, test2, test3.

    (i) Define a main() method to read a single record from the "student.txt" and **display the admin number, name and average score of the student.**

And here are my code :

    public class Student {

String adminNo;
String name;
GregorianCalendar birthDate;
int test1,test2,test3;

public Student(String adminNo,String name,String birthDate,int test1, int test2, int test3){
    this.adminNo = adminNo;
    this.name = name;
    this.birthDate = MyCalendar.convertDate(birthDate);
    this.test1 = test1;
    this.test2 = test2;
    this.test3 = test3;

public Student(String studentRecord){
    Scanner sc = new Scanner(studentRecord);
    adminNo = sc.next();
    name = sc.next();
    birthDate = MyCalendar.convertDate(birthDate.toString());
    test1 = sc.nextInt();
    test2 = sc.nextInt();
    test3 = sc.nextInt();

public int getAverage(){ 
    return (( test1 + test2 + test3 ) / 3 ) ;

public String toString(){
    return (adminNo + " " + name + " " + getAverage());

public static void main(String [] args){
    Student s = new Student ("121212A", "Tan Ah Bee", "12/12/92", 67, 72, 79);

    String fileName = "student.txt";
        FileReader fr = new FileReader(fileName);
        Scanner sc = new Scanner(fr);


    }catch(FileNotFoundException exception){
        System.out.println("File " + fileName + " was not found");
    }catch(IOException exception){

And this is the format of info int text file :

    031234F;Michael Tan;01/08/1980;60;70;98

I managed to print out :

    121212A Tan Ah Bee 72
    031234F;Michael Tan;01/08/1980;60;70;98

But this is what the question wants :

    121212A Tan Ah Bee 72
    031234F Michael Tan 72
    123456J Abby 72

Am I missing something? I only know that's the toString() method but I do not know how to place it within the while loop.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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You do not need to print the line you just read (unless you do it for debugging purposes). You need to feed this line into your Constructor and then print the result of your toString method for this newly created instance. – PM 77-1 Apr 19 '13 at 3:48
But I thought sc.nextLine is equals to studentRecord and therefore, the system will use that constructor automatically to split the info? And am I supposed to use the toString method in main method? Can you please kindly give me some example? – Rauryn Apr 19 '13 at 3:55
I've modified my code to this : while(sc.hasNextLine()){ Student student = new Student(sc.nextLine()); System.out.println(student.toString());} But there's null pointer exception error. Am I going to the wrong path? – Rauryn Apr 19 '13 at 3:59
What is the line NullPointerException is pointing to? – PM 77-1 Apr 19 '13 at 4:06
Student stud = new Student that line and birthDate = MyCalendar.convertDate(birthDate.toString()); which is in the constructor with a String parameter – Rauryn Apr 19 '13 at 4:11
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You have:


You seem to need:

        Student stu = new Student(sc.nextLine());

The above code will invoke constructor for class Student which will split the line and populate its fields. Then your toString() method will create an output string in the specified format.

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I tested it out already, as from the posts above but it gives me null pointer exception error. – Rauryn Apr 19 '13 at 4:06
As I already requested, please see which statement your NullPointerException is pointing to. – PM 77-1 Apr 19 '13 at 4:10

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