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Basically am developing mobile application that will interact with an smsc through the shortcode feature.

SInce i cannot afford to get a shortcode, i decided to use the Logica SMPP server

so am trying to run the Logica SMPP test application first to get some idea of sending and processing text messages.

but i get and error as seen in the screen shot

Logica SMPP error

Can snyone help me out?

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It's not clear from the screenshot what full command you used. I am assuming the following:

java -cp smpp.jar:smpptest.jar:smscsim.jar com.logica.smpp.test.SMPPTest

Since you are on Windows, semicolon (;) is the correct jar file separator, not colon (:) which works on Linux.

So, the correct command is:

java -cp smpp.jar;smpptest.jar;smscsim.jar com.logica.smpp.test.SMPPTest
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I know this has already been answered but I would recommend using SMPPSim as its easier to use than Logica and has a web interface that you can use to interact with the smpp simulator. Take a look. Its been very helpful to me in the last few days.

Ive been learning smpp for the last few weeks and finally managed to get most of my application working because of it ^^

Good luck

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