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I have one Google Apps account that I setup with

I have two companies A & B.

I have two associated domain names &

I have google app engine up and running for

Now I need to get Google App Engine up and running for I need Employees of to have email addresses & I also need app engine to send emails e.g. from

However I don't want jack to have access to (only Since Jack only works for company B.

So I assume having an email alias wont work (as that would give jack access to

Apparently Google App Engine can only connect to a "Domain Alias":

domain alias

Is my only option to create an additional Google Apps Account?

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Yes, you need to create a new Google Apps account. However for the purpose of AppEngine you can create a one-person free Google Apps account (checked a few weeks ago and this procedure was working).

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Thanks - Too bad it's only a "one-person Account". Sharing one account between the company is less than ideal. I'll have to consider paying for another Google Apps Account. – robert king Apr 20 '13 at 22:42
Ah - I setup no-reply as a nickname on the one-person free Google Apps account. However it won't let me accept invitations to a GAE Developer Role under the email. Which means I can't send emails from – robert king Apr 22 '13 at 4:04

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