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My code:

if [ $RETVAL1 -le 0 ] ; then
  print "RETVAL1: $RETVAL1"

And it prints RETVAL1: -1+1 Any idea how to repair it please?

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To perform arithmetic operation, use the let command: let RETVAL1=RETVAL1+1

Moreover, enclosing the expression between $(( and )) would also interpret it as an arithmetic operation. echo $((RETVAL+1))

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Use the let command. This command performs arithmic operations. The + operator performs string addition.

Use it like this:


You can also use the expr command for more general expressions.

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Man, thanks a lot! I think I should learn ksh bit more then. (mostly for not to look like an idiot when asking question like this after an hour trying) –  2rec Apr 19 '13 at 5:30

One way:

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Shell variables don't work like variables in most programming languages. If you want to add 1 to an integer stored in a variable, you'll need an arithmetic expression. I'm no ksh wizard, but the usual Bourne-derived-shell arithmetic expression syntax is:

RETVAL1=$((RETVAL1 + 1))


((RETVAL1 = RETVAL1 + 1))
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