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I have used Get method in a form to fetch the name variable from a page, but it's only fetching the firstname and leaving the part after space. I want to select the complete field along with spaces.

<a href=view_contsheet.php?Patientid=<?php echo $_GET["id"]; ?>&Patientname=<?php echo $_GET["Patientname"];?>>View Visits</a>

In this link, only the first name is getting passed. How can I concat the complete field?

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This might be because spaces are not allowed in URLs.

<a href="view_contsheet.php?Patientid=<?php echo $_GET["id"]; ?>&Patientname=<?php echo urlencode($_GET["Patientname"]);?>">View Visits</a>

urlencode() will make the parameter url-friendly. There is also a urldecode() function, which does the reverse of urlencode()

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As I see it you shouldn't send the patient's name at all in the url.

Instead of

<a href=view_contsheet.php?Patientid=<?php echo $_GET["id"];?>&Patientname=<?php echo $_GET["Patientname"];?>>View Visits</a>


<a href="view_contsheet.php?Patientid=<?php echo $_GET["id"]; ?>">View Visits</a>

and in view_contsheet.php you fetch the name based on the Patientid

$id = $_GET['Patientid'];
"select Patientname FROM patients WHERE Id=$id"....
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try this code

<a href="view_contsheet.php?Patientid=<?php echo $_GET["id"]; ?>&Patientname=<?php echo urlencode($_GET["Patientname"]);?>">View Visits</a>

and at the next page use urldecode

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put quotes around your href value! –  Uberfuzzy Apr 19 '13 at 5:54
You're encoding the wrong parameter (id instead of Patientname) –  bestprogrammerintheworld Apr 19 '13 at 6:01
Thanks a lot frnds it worked ... –  adi Apr 19 '13 at 6:06
you can accept the answer if its working for you. –  Praveen kalal Apr 19 '13 at 6:54

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