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I have some NodaTime code that is looking at zone intervals:

var zone = DateTimeZoneProviders.Tzdb["America/Phoenix"];
var interval = zone.GetZoneInterval(SystemClock.Instance.Now);

interval.End outputs EOT, which is expected since this zone does not use daylight savings time. But I cannot output the interval.IsoLocalEnd value. It throws an exception:

System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException was unhandled
  Message=Value should be in range [-27255-31195]
Parameter name: year
Actual value was 31197.
       at NodaTime.Utility.Preconditions.CheckArgumentRange(String paramName, Int32 value, Int32 minInclusive, Int32 maxInclusive)
       at NodaTime.Calendars.BasicCalendarSystem.GetYearTicks(Int32 year)
       at NodaTime.Calendars.GregorianCalendarSystem.GetYearTicks(Int32 year)
       at NodaTime.Calendars.BasicGJCalendarSystem.GetMonthOfYear(LocalInstant localInstant, Int32 year)
       at NodaTime.Calendars.BasicCalendarSystem.GetMonthOfYear(LocalInstant localInstant)
       at NodaTime.Fields.BasicMonthOfYearDateTimeField.GetValue(LocalInstant localInstant)
       at NodaTime.LocalDateTime.get_Month()
       at NodaTime.Text.LocalDateTimePatternParser.<.cctor>b__8(LocalDateTime value)
       at NodaTime.Text.Patterns.DatePatternHelper.<>c__DisplayClassd`2.<>c__DisplayClass10.<CreateMonthOfYearHandler>b__c(TResult value, StringBuilder sb)
       at NodaTime.NodaAction`2.Invoke(TArg1 arg1, TArg2 arg2)
       at NodaTime.Text.Patterns.SteppedPatternBuilder`2.SteppedPattern.Format(TResult value)
       at NodaTime.Text.Patterns.PatternBclSupport`1.Format(T value, String patternText, NodaFormatInfo formatInfo)
       at NodaTime.LocalDateTime.ToString(String patternText, IFormatProvider formatProvider)
       at System.IO.TextWriter.WriteLine(Object value)
       at System.IO.TextWriter.SyncTextWriter.WriteLine(Object value)

Is this a bug? Or is this expected behavior and I should check interval.End == Instant.MaxValue before trying to use the interval.IsoLocalEnd value?

I am using NodaTime 1.1.0.

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In general, Noda Time has some issues with converting instants to local dates at points close to (or at) the end of time. See e.g. issue 197 and issue 113. This appears to be another occurrence of the same kind of problem.

I'd suggest filing a bug. One suggestion, though: check whether you see the same results with Noda Time 1.0: the fix for issue 197 (in 1.1.0) could conceivably have caused this as a regression.

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Filed 215. Thanks. –  Matt Johnson Apr 19 '13 at 22:05
It's worse than that, of course - Instant.MaxValue is meant to be "EOT", but you can subtract a single tick from it to get an instant which is a very definite instant on the time line. In an ideal world we'd probably want something closer to IEEE-754, where infinity stays infinite. It's definitely one of the weaker aspects of Noda Time. –  Jon Skeet Apr 20 '13 at 10:19

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