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I'm pulling data from a XML file which comes out as doubly encoded HTML which I am able to decode into straight HTML using raw, h, or String.html_safe. Doubling up any of these methods doesn't seem to decode further so when I print the string in the view, it renders as encoded HTML.

For example, I might get the string:

@paragraph = <p>This is a Paragraph.</p>

When I print <%= @paragraph %> I get &lt;p&gt;This is a Paragraph.&lt;/p&gt; showing in my browser. Printing <%= raw @paragraph %> renders <p>This is a Paragraph.</p>.

So far as expected. But now when I try to decode again: <%= raw (raw @paragraph) %> I get <p>This is a Paragraph.</p>. No matter how many times I call raw or any of the other two methods, I continue to get encoded HTML.

What I'm looking for is of course:

This is a paragraph.

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Use CGI.escapeHTML/CGI.unescapeHTML

 irb(main):043:0> CGI.escapeHTML "<p>This is a Paragraph.</p>"
 => "&lt;p&gt;This is a Paragraph.&lt;/p&gt;"

 irb(main):090:0> CGI.unescapeHTML "&lt;p&gt;This is a Paragraph.&lt;/p&gt;"
 => "<p>This is a Paragraph.</p>"

You may also want to have a look at to remove html tags

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Ha, I'm assuming that's supposed to be CGI.unescapeHTML. That did the trick though, so thanks! –  Godwin Apr 19 '13 at 6:06
"<p>This is a Paragraph.</p>" is unescaped. calling CGI.unescapeHTML will not do anything –  user946611 Apr 19 '13 at 6:19

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