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I have a DataTable dt. I want to filter data of table dt using row filter. my query have some sql pre-defined function like - REPLACE,CHARINDEX,SUBSTRING. but when applying row filter on DataTable some problem occurred.

After googling i found this post , i think sql function (REPLACE, CHARINDEX) not supported by row filter but in sql server it's working good. How can i do this using row filter or any other method for filtering data into DataTable

MY query -

FROM TblUsers
WHERE REPLACE(substring(COLUMN-NAME,0,charindex(';',COLUMN-NAME)),'REPLACE-KEYWORD','REPLACE WITH') like 'name ie8'

Thanks a bunch for your help.

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You will have to simplify your query a little bit, as the DataTable row filtering does not support many of the functions available in SQL. Take a look at this MSDN article for a detailed description of the syntax, functions and operators you can use.

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