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I am uploading file to a destination by providing filepath. It works fine when file path is like

String filePath = "D:\\location";

But while providing a server location like

String filePath = request.getRealPath("\\\downloads\upload)";

produce error of invalid escape sequence.

Whats wrong in the path ( i have full priveledges to the location) and if wrong how too impliment it correctly.

Thanks for help in advance////

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It's a compile-time error, so it can't be to do with permissions etc.

The problem is that you're not escaping the backslashes. You need:

String filePath = request.getRealPath("\\\\\\downloads\\upload)";

Then the contents of the string will be just


This is exactly the same as in the first line you showed, where this:

String filePath = "D:\\location";

... will actually create a string with contents of:


See section 3.10.6 of the Java Language Specification for more details of escape sequences within character and string literals.

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use double slash \\ ! It's a special escape pattern. Like \n or \r.

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