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I have one table in MySQL as below.

State marketId 
CA     Ind
CO     Ind
CA     Grp
CA     Grp

I want to select the data as count and Total of count(should be as below).

State marketId Count totalCountInd
  CA     Ind    1        2               
  CO     Ind    1

Currently I am using below query. That is not giving the right output.

select state,marketId,count(*),sum(CASE marketID WHEN 'ind' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS totalCountInd from BatchReport where marketId='ind' group by state,marketId;
| state | marketId | count(*) | totalCountInd |
| CA    | in       |        1 |               |
| CO    | in       |        1 |               |
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Is totalCountInd supposed to be the total count for all Ind markets through all States? If so, why do you want it to appear next to the state CA? If not, what do you want it to represent? –  Mark Bannister Apr 19 '13 at 6:28
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this will give you a result closer to the one you want the difference is it will repeat the totalCountInd

SELECT State, marketid, COUNT(1) as totalCount,
    SELECT COUNT(1) FROM BatchReport
    WHERE marketid = bp.marketid
) AS totalCountInd
FROM BatchReport bp
WHERE marketid = 'Ind'
GROUP BY State, marketid

the result is like:

State   marketid    totalCount  totalCountInd
CA      Ind         1           2
CO      Ind         1           2
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helooo...i want totalCountInd column value is distinct something like this...State marketid totalCount totalCountInd CA Ind 1 2 CO Ind 1 –  hema chandra Apr 19 '13 at 9:52

If you want the totalCOuntInd to hold the count of all states wit the marketId "Ind" then you cannot get this in your suggested format when grouping by state.

What you can do is use ROLLUP:

select state,marketId,count(*) as count
from BatchReport 
where marketId='ind' 
group by marketId, state with ROLLUP;

This will give you arollup result of all group columns and look like this:

marketId State Count
  Ind     CA    1                  
  Ind     CO    1
  Ind     NULL  2
  NULL    NULL  2

This is also the only way that makes sense.

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