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I have multiple tags like the below in my HTML.

<li data-code="ABC"
<li data-code="XYZ"
<li data-code="PQR"

I need to add the three values to a kendo auto complete box.

<input id='myKendobox'/>

I used the below code to get the list.

var items = $("li").map(function () { return $(this).attr("data-code"); }).get();

I have two questions: How to I make sure the fourth empty item doesn’t come in the “items” list? How do I populate the items in my kendo auto complete box?

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Your li items are not closed, did you realize?

For populating the autocomplete you might do:

Given the input HTML (autocomplete):

<input id='myKendobox'/>

and the initialization as follow:

var data = [];
var autocomplete = $("#myKendobox").kendoAutoComplete({
    dataSource: data

When you want to add the elements you do:

var items = $("li").map(function () { return $(this).attr("data-code"); }).get();;

If you want to limit the <li> elements found by your jQuery selector you might define them as:

<ul id="AutocompleteOptions">
    <li data-code="ABC"></li>
    <li data-code="XYZ"></li>
    <li data-code="PQR"></li>

and then change the selector to:

var items = $("li", "#AutocompleteOptions").map(function () { return $(this).attr("data-code"); }).get();

This restricts the <li> found to only those under #AutocompleteOptions.

Example running in JSFiddle

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