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I want to display ads of two adsense accounts on a website with time intervals.

Popular hosted services like Wikidot and some forum service providers practice this to share revenue between clients. Say a user 'U' creates an account on a hosted platform. He adds his adsense code(his own publisher ID) on the subsite. Then ads from his adsense account appears with some time interval (say 5 min) and the hosted service's ads(Ads of their Publisher ID) for another 5 minutes.

Likewise, the two ad-sense advertisements execution will be changed by time. I have no expertise in Java script and I am not sure how to make that work.

Could anybody help me to achieve it? I can do it with some help.


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function TimeFunction()

var d = new Date();

var m=d.getMinutes();
m = m%10
if (m < 6)
    alert("5 or les");
    alert('6 or moer');


Code to test

  <a onClick="TimeFunction();" style="cursor: pointer; cursor: hand;">*click here*</a>

//Updated Now it works

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