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Looking for ideas on how to detect which element of a set is currently at center of viewport.

From a set of block level elements stacked under each other in a document. How do I detect which of these is currently under imaginary fixed position crosshairs at the center of the viewport?


Starting point:

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First extract the centre position:

var center_x = Math.floor(window.innerWidth/2);
var center_y = Math.floor(window.innerHeight/2);

Then iterate over all the elements you want to check and check if the center_x and center_y fall within them.

    x = $(this).offset().left;
    y = $(this).offset().top - $(document).scrollTop();
    w = $(this).width();
    h = $(this).height();
    if(center_x > x && center_y > y && center_x < x+w && center_y < y+h){
        // the $(this) element intersects with the centre

and wrap this all in a $(window).scroll event.


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I'm going to award this answer Benjamin because it was the cleanest and in the end probably the most use to anyone viewing this thread. Thanks! – Niels Apr 21 '13 at 23:09
Thanks @NielsOeltjen – Benjamin Kaiser Apr 21 '13 at 23:42

This can probably be cleaner, but this should basically do what you need:

// How to get the id of the element .detector div currently under the crosshairs?
      var crosshairPositionTop = $(".crosshairs").offset().top,
                crosshairPositionLeft = $(".crosshairs").offset().left,
                detectorPositionTop, detectorPositionLeft;
        $(".detector").each(function() {
            detectorPositionTop = $(this).offset().top;
            detectorPositionLeft = $(this).offset().left;
            if (detectorPositionTop < crosshairPositionTop && detectorPositionLeft < crosshairPositionLeft) {

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Here's some code that finds your crosshair position (the exact center of the green square), and loops through each of the detector divs to see which one contains it. It prints the containing div to console and highlights it in red on the screen.

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