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I like Maven quite a lot as it makes some things really easy, but it is sometimes hard for me to deal with some parts of it... Although I searched the web, I don't get it to work as I want.

Here's my current assembly configuration:


It creates a runnable jar in the specified destination folder; that's exactly what I wanted so far. Now, I would like to have the log4j.properties file saved next to the jar file in the destination folder so that I can adapt it without packing the jar again. Furthermore, it should not be packed into the jar but I would like to keep in in /src/main/resources (as usual).

I have already tried different ways (with different assembly files (would be the preferred way), other configurations, ...) but I don't manage to get it working as I want.

Every help or even a little hint is highly appreciated.

Best regards, J.R.

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AFAIU, the assembly plugin and shade plugin is for creating the single distributable archive. To copy the resources you may consider the Maven Resources plugin:Copy Resources –  Charlee Chitsuk Apr 19 '13 at 7:24
Hi Charlee, thanks, I understand what you mean. but in this case two problems remain: 1) How can I exclude the log4j.properties from the built jar and 2) I don't want to bind this assembly to a phase, i.e.: I want to do both with the assembly goal. I have found an example in this forum what made me think that this is possible. –  J.R. Meyer Apr 19 '13 at 8:22
Hello, is there maybe someone with another idea for my problem? Thanks in advance. B.r., J.R. –  J.R. Meyer Apr 23 '13 at 7:35

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