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I have two seperate JSF portlet wars, both have their different liberaries and configuration. Single portlet on page is working fine, but when i place two portlets on same page and if the the portlet using ice:inputRichText is placed first, the RichText doesn't render and throws js errors as following:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'updateValue' of undefined

While its working fine, when portlet using richText is placed at the end.

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Any idea friends? – Parkash Kumar Apr 22 '13 at 11:07
Have you got a URL for this problem? – Mark Chorley Apr 22 '13 at 20:38

What version of ICEfaces are you using?

It's a long time I used ICEfaces, but I remember having to include an <ice:portlet> tag in the root of your facelet to ensure each portlet is properly namespaced, so the Javascript doesn't clash between different portlets on the page.

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If the content of JSF portlet is not wrapped with <ice:porltet> tag, it causes render-phase exception. But, both my portlets are rendering. The problem is with inputRichText. – Parkash Kumar May 7 '13 at 6:39

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