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I have a situation in which i want to show the latest five records in DESC order.If a new record comes into these five records then archive status of the record with id=1 should be updated to true, and should now be moved to archived page. I am a new bee in ruby on rails please help.


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Ruby 2.x or Ruby 3.x ? –  ForgetTheNorm Apr 19 '13 at 7:42
ruby 1.8.7 and rails 3.0 –  Abid Iqbal Apr 19 '13 at 9:36

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Use the model to create and store records Lets say you are using Post model that has several fields to store some info. Note that id attribute and create/update fields are automatically created by Rails for you, and you can use them. You can create a model by calling the following command in terminal window in your app directory

rails generate model Post author:string content:string #add any otehr attributes you wish, this is just an example.

After creating the model you will have the place to store ALL your records. I'll leave the storing task for you as an exercise. Now, if you want to have 5 latest posts available to you, you need to create a method that will put 5 latest posts in an object In your controller you will have to define a new method that will return an array of Post objects that will contain 5 latest posts.

def get_last_5
@last_five = User.find(:all, :order => "created_at desc", :limit => 5)
return @last_five #maybe an overkill but just to be sure

every time you run this method, it will return an array with 5 objects that were created latest. You can access them by calling @last_five[0], @last_five[1] and etc.

Good luck!

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