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When I try to access rest API using iPhone I have passed following parameter in URL and used both methods POST and GET but it displays Access Denied.


I have worked with REST Client plugin available for Firefox and Chrome, REST API is work well using REST Client plugin but not accessible in iPhone.

I am generating a random value for oauth_timestamp, oauth_signature and oauth_nonce then also REST API is displaying Access Denied.

Please provide suggestions.

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//here final_sign is signature generated from following procedure.

$nonce = substr(md5(uniqid('nonce_', true)),0,16);
$key="sb88hfdihyg25ipt1by559yzbj2m3861&s7uhaheu8nrx961oxg6uc3os4zgyc2tm"; //consumer secret & token secret //Both are used in generate signature

$sign=hash_hmac($algo,$send_data,$key,1); // consumer key and token secrat used here

echo $fin_sign;
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From your question I understand that you use a random value for the signature and the nonce. The latter would be fine, but a random signature would lead the receiver not to trust you as a legitimate client.

So, actually, you get the response you requested (;-)). But that does not solve your problem.

You have to generate a valid signature for the magento system.

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yes i have to generate valied signature that i agree with your answer but my problem is it still remain the "Access denied" how can i access magento REST API using AJAX please give me solution... –  Pragnesh Rupapara Apr 19 '13 at 9:25
My gut feeling is that there is something wrong with the authentication, even though you think it is not. Does the exact same request work from a browser? You may want to write the request through NSLog to the debug console and copy it from there into your browser. I have found nasty missing commas and slashes in my REST requests that way. –  uulhaa Apr 19 '13 at 9:43
yes, you are right but how to generate signature please tell me the procedure...please –  Pragnesh Rupapara Apr 19 '13 at 11:26
Doesn't the Magento documentation tell you that? For the REST's I use I have to sign up to get a valid signature. –  uulhaa Apr 19 '13 at 18:52

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