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How to implement the following using MPMoviePlayerController or MPMoviePlayerViewController or something similar?

I think I have tried all but with no effect:

  1. 1 MPMoviePlayerController which jumps into another viewcontroller with a different orientation with presentViewController method and jumps back on the last controller dismiss/exit fullscreen event.

  2. this way is similar to 1) but with 2 various MPMoviePlayerControllers. The second one is a copy of the first one.

  3. MPMoviePlayerController for fixed video mode and MPMoviePlayerViewController for fullscreen mode

The best result I achieved is almost the same thing I need, but if I exit fullscreen mode the video is disappeared but I still can play/stop/hear a sound from this video even with a black videoplayer screen.

If I use 1 MPMoviePlayerController which doesn't jump then my app work perfectly but I can't change the fullscreen mode orientation

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can you describe what have you edited except of list formatting –  user2159978 Apr 19 '13 at 8:07
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