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What's the best way to convert a string to an enumeration value in C#?

I have an HTML select tag containing the values of an enumeration. When the page is posted, I want to pick up the value (which will be in the form of a string) and convert it to the enumeration value.

In an ideal world, I could do something like this:

StatusEnum MyStatus = StatusEnum.Parse("Active");

but that isn't valid code.

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You can cast (as mentioned below), or use the type-safe TryParse. The ins and outs of C# enums describes this as well as other useful enum conversions. –  ChaseMedallion Jul 20 at 20:07

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It's rather ugly:

StatusEnum MyStatus = (StatusEnum) Enum.Parse( typeof(StatusEnum), "Active", true );

I tend to simplify this with:

public static T ParseEnum<T>( string value )
    return (T) Enum.Parse( typeof( T ), value, true );

Then I can do:

StatusEnum MyStatus = EnumUtil.ParseEnum<StatusEnum>("Active");
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If performace is important (which always is) chk answer given by Mckenzieg1 below : stackoverflow.com/questions/16100/… –  Nash Jul 19 '09 at 19:04
@avinashr is right about @McKenzieG1's answer, but it isn't ALWAYS important. For instance it would be a pointless micro optimisation to worry about enum parsing if you were making a DB call for each parse. –  Keith Jul 19 '09 at 20:19
make it an extension method and it'll be perfect –  H.M. Aug 22 '13 at 8:57
@H.M. I don't think an extension is appropriate here - it's a bit of a special case and an extension would apply to every string. If you really wanted to do it though it would be a trivial change. –  Keith Aug 22 '13 at 10:17
How about Enum.TryParse? –  Elaine Jun 3 at 8:39

Note that the performance of Enum.Parse() is awful, because it is implemented via reflection. (The same is true of Enum.ToString, which goes the other way.)

If you need to convert strings to Enums in performance-sensitive code, your best bet is to create a Dictionary<String,YourEnum> at startup and use that to do your conversions.

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Use Enum.TryParse() (>= .NET 4.0):

StatusEnum myStatus;
Enum.TryParse("Active", out myStatus);
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Add the middle boolean parameter for case-sensitivity and this is the safest and most elegant solution by far. –  DanM Feb 28 at 22:05


You're looking for Enum.Parse.

SomeEnum enum = (SomeEnum)Enum.Parse(typeof(SomeEnum), "EnumValue");
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We couldn't assume perfectly valid input, and went with this variation of @Keith's answer:

public static TEnum ParseEnum<TEnum>(string value) where TEnum : struct
    TEnum tmp; 
    if (!Enum.TryParse<TEnum>(value, true, out tmp))
        tmp = new TEnum();
    return tmp;
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Enum.Parse is your friend:

StatusEnum MyStatus = (StatusEnum)Enum.Parse(typeof(StatusEnum), "Active");
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You can use Extension methods now

public static T ToEnum<T>(this string value, bool ignoreCase = true)
        return (T) Enum.Parse(typeof (T), value, ignoreCase);

And you can call by the below code [here, FilterType is an enum type]

FilterType filterType = type.ToEnum<FilterType>();
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I have updated this to take the value as object and cast it to string inside this method. This way I can take an int value .ToEnum instead of strings only. –  SollyM Feb 14 at 12:05
// str.ToEnum<EnumType>()
T static ToEnum<T>(this string str) 
    return (T) Enum.Parse(typeof(T), str);
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object Enum.Parse(System.Type enumType, string value, bool ignoreCase);

So if you had an enum named mood it would look like this:

   enum Mood

   // ...
   Mood m = (Mood) Enum.Parse(typeof(Mood), "Happy", true);
   Console.WriteLine("My mood is: {0}", m.ToString());
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Parses string to TEnum without try/catch and without TryParse() method from .NET 4.5

/// <summary>
/// Parses string to TEnum without try/catch and .NET 4.5 TryParse()
/// </summary>
public static bool TryParseToEnum<TEnum>(string probablyEnumAsString_, out TEnum enumValue_) where TEnum : struct
    enumValue_ = (TEnum)Enum.GetValues(typeof(TEnum)).GetValue(0);
    if(!Enum.IsDefined(typeof(TEnum), probablyEnumAsString_))
        return false;

    enumValue_ = (TEnum) Enum.Parse(typeof(TEnum), probablyEnumAsString_);
    return true;
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You need to provide some description to your code. –  Maxim Kolesnikov Oct 17 '13 at 16:24
Whether it is necessary to make a description if the code already contains a description? Ok, I did this :) –  jite.gs Oct 30 '13 at 12:43

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