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I have the following directory structure:


The plan is for the templates in the template directory to include a bunch of components.

in template1.mak I have something like:

 <%include file="xxx.mak"/>

where xxx is either components/component1.mak or just component1.mak (I tried both with different results, detailed below)

mylookup = TemplateLookup(directories=[yyy,])
oTemplate = Template(filename='/path/to/templates/template1.mak', lookup=mylookup)

where yyy is either '/absolute/path/to/templates' or '/absolute/path/to/templates/components'

The Problem:

No matter what combination of xxx and yyy values I use I get a template lookup exception. The value of yyy (the lookup path) doesn't seem to have any effect of the exception.

If xxx (the include tag path) is 'components\component1.mak' the error says it can't find the file /absolute/path/to/templates/components/component1.mak. And if xxx is just 'component1.mak' then the error is it can't find /absolute/path/to/templates/component1.mak.

The Question

How can I get mako to include the stuff in the components directory? And what am I missing or not understanding about template lookup?

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Have you tried this with a leading / when defining your xxx call in the template? Or using raw strings in your python code? –  bdiamante Apr 19 '13 at 14:25
@bdiamante: That did the trick :) Post it as an answer so I can give you some points –  Sheena Apr 20 '13 at 5:39

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Try putting a leading / when defining your xxx call in the template.

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