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I am making a simple little project to fuel a little gripe with a site I want to use but it keeps crashing my machine or is down.

Basically I have 3 groups of images: mouths, eyes and noses, I will allow the user to pick one from each group and create a picture. I initially thought I would load in a huge sprite one for each groups and then use css and javascript to move the position of the image over a blank face.

However now thinking about it I might be better having each group item as separate images and loading a new image in using ajax when the user requests a new image for example a nose.

So my question is: Do I load in 3 x sprites or load in 3 images and call a new image when a user requests a new nose.

Just to add there will be around 300 noses, 100 set of eyes and 300 eyes.

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With so many diffrent options it may be better to load in a new images on request, makes it often easier to add new once later on top of it and you can always preload the next 3-4 images that are next/prev to make it a good user experience and as he goes you load in the next one and so on.

you can find a entire subject on how that might be done, if you need help with that here:

preload hidden CSS images

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Thank you for the link. –  OliverBS Apr 19 '13 at 11:19
you're welcome, if you're missing something feel free to ask, i'll try to answer as best I can, if not feel free to mark as answered. –  Breezer Apr 19 '13 at 11:20

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