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So after putting the following at the top of my Product Controller:


...and this to the top of my Product.rb:

  include Authority::Abilities

...and this to the top of my User.rb

  include Authority::UserAbilities

I was able to have this rule obeyed from application_authorizer.rb:

def self.default(adjective, user)
  user.has_role? :admin

In other words only admin users could engage with Products in any way.

However, when I created a product_authorizer.rb like the following

class ProductAuthorizer < ApplicationAuthorizer
  def self.creatable_by?(user)
    user.has_role? :admin

  def self.updatable_by?(user)
    user.has_role? :admin

  def self.deletable_by?(user)
    user.has_role? :admin

I was not seeing the rules obeyed. I was seeing that my non-admin user still couldn't access the show action for a product. Shouldn't this be allowed given the above?

I tried adding this to Product.rb:

self.authorizer_name = 'StyleAuthorizer'

I also tried commenting out the main rule in app_app.rb

#def self.default(adjective, user)
# user.has_role? :admin

...but still no glory

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The very most basic default in Authority's source code always returns false. So unless you explicitly authorize non-admins in a self.readable method, they won't be able to access show pages.

Remove the other methods you have in your product_authorizer.rb file (they're not necessary) and replace them with

def self.readable_by?(user)
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Thanks Chris!!! –  Abram Apr 19 '13 at 23:00

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