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I am using JRBeanCollectionDataSource as datasource for a subreport. Each record in the list contains elements with either null or non-null value . This is my POJO:

public class PayslipDtl {

        private String earningSalaryHeadName;
        private double earningSalaryHeadAmount;

        private String deductionSalaryHeadName;
        private double deductionSalaryHeadAmount;

        String type;

public PayslipDtl(String salaryHeadName,
            double salaryHeadAmount, String type) {
        if(type.equalsIgnoreCase("Earning")) {
            earningSalaryHeadName = salaryHeadName;
            earningSalaryHeadAmount = salaryHeadAmount;
         } else { 
            deductionSalaryHeadName = salaryHeadAmount;
            deductionSalaryHeadAmount = salaryHeadAmount;

        //getters and setters

Based on the "type", the list is populated as such: {"Basic", 4755, null, 0.0}, {"HRA", 300, null, 0.0}, {null, 0.0, "Employee PF", 925}, {"Medical Allowance", 900, null, 0.0} and so on...

After setting isBlankWhenNull to true and using "Print when" expression, the record is displayed as such:

|Earning            |Amount|Deduction            |Amount|
| Basic             | 4755 |                     |      |
| HRA               | 300  |                     |      |
|                   |      | Employee PF         |  925 |
| Medical Allowance | 900  |                     |      |
| Fuel Reimbursement| 350  |                     |      |
|                   |      | Loan                | 1000 |

I want it to be displayed as such:

|Earning            |Amount|Deduction            |Amount|
| Basic             | 4755 |  Employee PF        |  925 |
| HRA               | 300  |  Loan               | 1000 |
| Medical Allowance | 900  |                     |      |
| Fuel Reimbursement| 350  |                     |      |

Setting isRemoveLineWhenBlank to true doesn't work since it is not the entire row which is blank but only a subset of elements of a row that is null.

Is it possible in Jasper?

I am using iReport Designer 5.0.1 with compatibility set to JasperReports3.5.1.

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Not sure whether this is precisely what you are after, but wouldn't it be easier to split this into two tables, one for the Earnings and one for the Deductions? You could position them next to each other to achieve the effect you want? –  RoryB Apr 19 '13 at 9:20
@RoryB Do you mean two separate lists - That would mean using two subreports, right? Or did you mean using the same list.. Can you tell me how this can be done because I have never used tables in Jasper before. I want to limit subreports to a minimum since I am going to a use few other subreports in the same report and it causes various alignment/position issues for other elements below it. –  Franc Ag Apr 19 '13 at 10:20

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Use a List component for the deduction/amount, here you have a video tutorial on how to do this.

Then deduction and amount fields on the list component need the following options Blank when null and Remove line when blank.

If this still gives you blank lines, try putting both fields on a frame inside the list and mark those options for the frame too.

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Hmmm.. Seems like a good idea. Will try it out. –  Franc Ag Apr 20 '13 at 7:27

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