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My question is similar to this one Given a set of polygons and a series of points, find the which polygons are the points located

I have a mongodb database with two collections, regions that stores a set of polygons (italy provinces), and points that stores a set of specimens each with a coordinate pair. I am using mongodb 2.4 and GeoJSON format to store data, both collections have a 2dsphere index.

I am able to find if a given point is inside a given polygon.

Now I would like to find all polygons that contains a list of specimens, to draw a map like this one http://www.peerates.org/province.png

Is there a better solution than iterate over all points and check if it is inside each polygon, leveraging mongodb geoindexes?

edit: i found a partial solution using a function stored in system.js collection

    var found = [];
    var notfound = [];
            var regionId = region._id;
            var query = {
                        $geoWithin: {
                            $geometry: region.loc
            var len = db.points.find(query).size();
    return {

sadly I cannot use it on mongohq.com it looks like eval() is no more supported.

@RickyA thank you, I will consider moving to a postgis

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I think not. Concider putting your data in a postgis enabled database. Postgis is capable of these kind of quries at db level. –  RickyA Apr 19 '13 at 9:19
Check: stackoverflow.com/questions/17355519/… –  bonyiii Nov 21 '13 at 14:04
The aggregation framework now supports geo-spatial queries, so it might be possible to do something with that, but I haven't tried. –  John Barça Jun 4 at 14:28

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