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I have a little problem with EDSDK. I tried to make a function that can switch from liveview to movie record.

Everything is fine with liveview, I can take picture. But when I want to start movie record, I have a ERR_DEVICE_BUSY everytime I want to change a property (save to camera instead of PC). I try everything, make a loop, nothing. And it's the only place where I get this error.

Here's my code :

    EdsDataType dataType;

    EdsUInt32 dataSize;
    EdsUInt32 enregistrement;
    err = EdsGetPropertySize(camera, kEdsPropID_SaveTo, 0, &dataType, &dataSize);

    err = EdsGetPropertyData(camera, kEdsPropID_SaveTo, 0, dataSize, &enregistrement);
    EdsUInt32 saveTo = kEdsSaveTo_Camera;
    if(enregistrement != kEdsSaveTo_Camera){
        err = EdsSetPropertyData(camera, kEdsPropID_SaveTo, 0, sizeof(saveTo), &saveTo);
        if(err != EDS_ERR_OK){
            printf("Erreur de changement d'emplacement de sauvegarde, arret de l'enregistrement\n");
            printf("err : 0x%X\n", err);
            return err;

    //Changement du mode de prise de vu
    EdsUInt32 mode = 20; //Le monde 20 correspont à l'enregistrement vidéo
    EdsSetPropertyData(camera, kEdsPropID_AEMode, 0, sizeof(mode), &mode);

    //Variable pour la mise en route et l'arrêt de l'enregistrement
    EdsUInt32 debutEnregistrement = 4;
    EdsUInt32 finEnregistrement = 0;

    err = EdsSetPropertyData(camera, kEdsPropID_Record, 0, sizeof(debutEnregistrement), &debutEnregistrement);
    if(err != EDS_ERR_OK){
        printf("Erreur lors du lancement de l'enregistrement");
        return err;
        //Wait for stop record
err = EdsSetPropertyData(camera, kEdsPropID_Record, 0, sizeof(finEnregistrement), &finEnregistrement);
    if(err != EDS_ERR_OK)
        printf("Erreur lors de l'arret de l'enregistrement");

    //L'enregistrement est fini, vérification des evenement

If you have solution, I take, thanks.

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You can try this I don't know if you already but it should work it has for me so far on all my property changes.

  • Just after you opened the session use the EdsSetPropertyEventHandler function

  • Begin by stopping you LiveView by putting kEdsEvfOutputDevice at TFT if I recall good. (the parameter that is not PC).

  • In the call back of the property event handler you make a switch on the event and when it is for the property kEdsEvfOutputDevice, then you throw your function to go to movie mode.

the callback function will be called when the property changed will be made so you won't have any device busy or notready. But becareful you have to set your callback function to static so that it works. So you wont be able to call anyother functions that the one that are static, the same for the variables.

If you didn't understand I can explain it to you in french, far more easy for me ^^

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