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I am trying to get a 3x4 camera matrix for triangulation process but calibrateCamera() returns only 3x3 and 4x1 matrices.

How can i get the 3x4 out of those matrices?

Thanks in advance!!

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calibrateCamera() returns you
a 3x3 matrix as cameraMatrix,
a 4x1 matrix as distCoeffs, and rvecs and tvecs that are vectors of 3x1 rotation(R) and 3x1 transformation(t) matrices.

What you want is ProjectionMatrix, which is multiply [cameraMatrix] by [R|t]. 3D into 2D Projection

Therefore, it returs you a 3x4 ProjectionMatrix.
You can read OpenCV documentation for more info.

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you may be looking for stereoCalibrate() function.

calibrateCamera function gives you the intrinsic parameters of the camera, but you are looking for the extrinsic parameters or the pose matrix.

If you dont understand the difference between this two set of parameters you may want to read Wikipedia's article about camera calibration and get started with the Opencv's tutorial for camera calibration.

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