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I have the below syntax which unchecks a checkbox.


h12_1 is the name of my checkbox.

How do I disable the checkbox so it cannot be checked? similarly how do I enable the checkbox again?

Something like this:

 $.post('get_as_12', {data:selectedObj.value},function(result) {
 alert(result[0]) ;

      if(result[0] > 0) {
       } else {
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For disabling you should use disabled attribute or property (the latter is preferrable):

$("#h12_1").attr("disabled", "disabled");  // removeAttr("disabled") to enable
// or
$("#h12_1").prop("disabled", true);        // false to enable
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Just 2 secs late!! so u get +1 – Rao Apr 19 '13 at 9:50

To disable checkbox, use disabled attribute.

$("#h12_1").attr("disabled", "disabled");

To enable it back again use removeAttr().

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