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I am searching/ trying to match a list of terms (Ensemble Gene IDs) from my source file with those in the target rnaseq.gtf file. I want to print out the matched/ grep'd ENSEMBLE gene IDs with their corresponding RPKM1 and RPKM2 values to a separate output file.

The source_geneid.csv file looks like:

AATF    ENSG00000108270
ADNP    ENSG00000101126

The target_rnaseq.gtf file:

chr17   gencodeV7   gene    35306175    35414170    0.669763    +   .   gene_id "ENSG00000108270.5"; transcript_ids "ENST00000225402.4,"; RPKM1 "7.81399"; RPKM2 "8.149"; iIDR "0.000";
chr20   gencodeV7   gene    49505585    49547750    0.862675    -   .   gene_id "ENSG00000101126.8"; transcript_ids "ENST00000371602.2,ENST00000349014.3,ENST00000396029.3,ENST00000396032.1,ENST00000534467.1,"; RPKM1 "12.0082"; RPKM2 "8.55263"; iIDR "0.000";

The output file to contain the matched/ grep'd gene_id and it's corresponding RPKM1 and RPMK2 values:

ENSG00000108270.5 RPKM1 "7.81399"  RPKM2 "8.149"
ENSG00000101126.8 RPKM1 "12.0082" RPKM2 "8.55263"

I've done it on command line:

grep -w "ENSG*" target_rnaseq.gtf| awk '{print $10,$13,$14,$15,$16}' >> output.txt

I've also tried (thanks fedorqui)

while read line
  var=$(echo $line | awk '{print $2}')
while read line
  var=$(echo $line | awk '{print $2}')
  grep -w "$var" target_rnaseq.gtf | awk '{print $10,$13,$14,$15,$16}' >> output.txt
done < source_geneid.csv

but it prints out all the gene id's from the target file.

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This value RPKM2 "8.149" is missing from the data? –  iiSeymour Apr 19 '13 at 10:09
Sorry, cutting and pasting mistake. The target file contains RPKM1 and RPKM2 values for all ENSEMBLE gene ids (ENS*). Hope this helps. –  user1879573 Apr 19 '13 at 10:18
No it doesn't help, what will help if you edit the question to contain the correct file. –  iiSeymour Apr 19 '13 at 10:21

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The target_rnaseq.gtf seems to be well formed so you can easily process it to make to job easier, for instance getting the values you are interested in is as simple as:

$ awk 'NR>1{gsub(/ ?"/,"",$1);print $1,$3,$4}' FS=';' RS='gene_id' rnaseq
ENSG00000108270.5  RPKM1 "7.81399"  RPKM2 "8.149"
ENSG00000101126.8  RPKM1 "12.0082"  RPKM2 "8.55263"

Parsing source_geneid.csv is trivial:

$ awk 'NR>1{print $2}' geneid 

Putting it all together:

$ grep -f <(awk 'NR>1{print $2}' geneid) <(awk 'NR>1{gsub(/ ?"/,"",$1);print $1,$3,$4}' FS=';' RS='gene_id' rnaseq)
ENSG00000108270.5  RPKM1 "7.81399"  RPKM2 "8.149"
ENSG00000101126.8  RPKM1 "12.0082"  RPKM2 "8.55263"
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Thank you! It worked! –  user1879573 Apr 22 '13 at 15:33

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