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I download alfresco android sdk 1.0.1 from this link then I unzip file.

After that I open my eclipse, create new workspace then click FIle -> Import -> Android -> Existing Android Code Into Workspace -> Root Directory I browse in unzip sdk -> Select All -> Check Copy Projects into workspace -> Finish

Then I Found many error in src directory, for example like this code

public Loader<LoaderResult<PagingResult<ActivityEntry>>> onCreateLoader(int id, Bundle ba)
    if (!hasmore)

    // Case Init & case Reload
    bundle = (ba == null) ? getArguments() : ba;

    ListingContext lc = null, lcorigin = null;

    if (bundle != null)
        lcorigin = (ListingContext) bundle.getSerializable(ARGUMENT_LISTING);
        lc = copyListing(lcorigin);
        loadState = bundle.getInt(LOAD_STATE);
    ActivityStreamLoader loader = new ActivityStreamLoader(getActivity(), alfSession);
    return loader;

Error mark on second line (public Loader ...) Eclipse said:

Multiple markers at this line
- The methode onCreateLoader(int, Bundle) of type ActivityStreamFragment must override a superclass method
- implements android.app.LoaderManager.LoaderCallbacks<org.alfresco.mobile.android.api.asynchronous.LoaderResult<org.alfresco.mobile.android.api.model.PagingResult<org.alfresco.mobile.android.api.model.ActivityEntry>>>.onCreateLoader

That I want to know is what should I do to solve this error? Because I want to build alfresco android with that source code..

Note: I using alfresco-android-sdk-1.0.1, Eclipse SDK Version: 3.7.2, jdk-1_5_0_22-windows-i586-p


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You're using Java 1.5 (jdk-1_5_0_22-windows-i586-p) to compile your application, you need to upgrade your compiler to 1.6 as some changes were made to the @Override annotation.

In Java 5, the @Override annotation might be applied only to the methods overriding superclass ones. Since Java 6 you can use the @Override annotation also with the methods that implements the interface ones.

There is also a possibility that you may already have it installed, but not set in eclipse - you can change the compiler version in the project properties : Java Compiler -> Compiler compliance level.


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then install jdk-6u45-windows-i586 and setting eclipse: window -> preferences -> java -> compiler to 1.6 and it's work. Many thanks shadrxninga. –  Reinstar Apr 22 '13 at 4:22

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