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I have a page in html where i am fixing the content height as fixed

<div id='contentId' class='content' data-role='content' style='height:300px'> </div>

because of this Tap to Top feature (tap on status bar to scroll listview to top) stopped working, but it works perfectly when i test the same page in iPad.

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Searched a lot on web, no success, Finally tried something at iOS end, Here was the problem- already web view is a scrollview and with in the page i fixed content's height to fixed so that is second scrollview

This is what i did - in scrollview delegate method "shouldStartLoadWithRequest" added this line

((UIScrollView *)[[self.webView subviews] objectAtIndex:0]).scrollsToTop = NO; 

Boom it worked :)

Note : This issue was only with iPhone not with iPad secondly i am using -webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch; as css in body and it works like charm

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