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I have use plupload image upload plugin in my website(, I have modify plupload plug-in for upload multiple image simultaneously.

Old Code

function t() {
        var x, y = 0, w;
        if (this.state == g.STARTED) {
            for (w = 0; w < u.length; w++) {                    
                if (!x && u[w].status == g.QUEUED) {
                    x = u[w];
                    x.status = g.UPLOADING;
                    if (this.trigger("BeforeUpload", x)) {
                        this.trigger("UploadFile", x)
                else {
            if (y == u.length) {
                this.trigger("UploadComplete", u)

i have modify if (!x && u[w].status == g.QUEUED) { to if (u[w].status == g.QUEUED) { (remove !x from if condition) and it is uploading multiple image simultaneously.

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You can use for selecting multiple files for upload.

<input id="File1" multiple="multiple" type="file" />
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I am able to upload multiple file but i want to upload multiple file simultaneously. – mmpatel009 Apr 19 '13 at 11:15

"Plupload was not written with simultaneous uploads in mind" from one of the plupload maintainers (Davit); they are considering it in plupload 2. you can follow up the discussion here For now if you want to do the uploading all with one can in the plupload parameters set multi_selection to true as:

        runtimes: 'html5,flash,silverlight',
        multi_selection: true,
        multipart: true,

Hope this helps...

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