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Now, I am almost having a responsive header as my original question was How to make a header responsive? . Still I am bit stuck with having the width of elements right.

I am using the following Susy-Compass setup:

  @include container ($total-columns, $mobile-to-medium, $medium-to-large)  
  border: 2px red solid
  +rem('height', 70px)

  @include susy-grid-background

  @include at-breakpoint($mobile-to-medium $columns-medium $medium-to-large)
    @include susy-grid-background

  @include at-breakpoint($medium-to-large)
    @include susy-grid-background

     float: left
     border: 1px red solid
     +rem('margin', 20px 0)

     float: right
     +rem('margin', 20px 0)
     font-weight: 600
     @include at-breakpoint($mobile-to-medium $columns-medium)
       border: 1px blue solid
       @include span-columns(2)
         display: none

         border: 1px green solid
         @include span-columns(1)

This maps to the following rendered layout:

enter image description here

Now, the effect of the span-columns does not seem to take effect, as well as the spacing from .logo to nav. I would like to have .action and the .find tags having width of 1 column each on the right, while the .logo has a fixed width on the left. Any ideas?


The screen settings with Susy are:

$mobile-to-medium: 400px
$medium-to-large:  800px

$columns-small:    1
$columns-medium:   8
$columns-large:    12

$column-width   : 3em            // each column is 4em wide
$gutter-width   : 0.4em            // 1em gutters between columns
$grid-padding   : 0              // grid-padding equal to gutters

$total-columns: $columns-small
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I think you need to reset the column at the breakpoint. I don't know what's the value of your mobile-to-medium, columns-medium, medium-to-large, and total-columns. It's an important information that's not listed above. But you might want to check this one Changing from 4 to 3 columns with omega with Susy fails, I think that's related to your question.

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thanks, I will try some experiments with: susy.oddbird.net/guides/reference/#ref-remove-omega ... btw, anyone has some reference what this 'omega' means? –  poseid Apr 20 '13 at 10:35
that omega means the last element. So that element will be float right and no margin applied. –  Zendy Apr 21 '13 at 7:40

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