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First time poster.

I'm extremely new to Perl / MySQL / Linux (Ubuntu), so there is every chance that I'm doing something ridiculous. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If i'm asking in the wrong place, sorry.

I'm trying to install a sequence database using the script which is part of a larger bioinformatics pipeline called GENE-counter that assesses transcriptomic data against a genome (

I have set up a MySQL database, I can log in and out without any problems, but when I run the command below from the appropriate folder location (-n, refers to organism of interest -v, to the genome version, -i is the input file(s) location, -d is the name of the mysql database, -f is required by the script itself)

perl -n Arabidopsis -v TAIR10 -i /home/jonny -d rnaseq -f

I keep get the following error message, and I've been trying to work-around for the last week:

"DBI connect('rnaseq:;mysql_local_infile=1','',...) failed: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO) at /usr/local/lib/perl/GENE-counter-v0.4.4/src/installRNASEQ/../commonRNASEQ/ line 321. Error: cannot connect to supplied database."

I have tried propmting for a password using below, and derivatives thereof:

perl -n Arabidopsis -v TAIR10 -i /home/jonny -d rnaseq -f -p

I'm not sure I expect that to work however as I'm running everything through Perl here. I can run another terminal window, connect to the relevant MySQL database etc., but I don't know how to specify a password and connect to the database using the above command?

Any thoughts /comments would be greatly appeciated. If anyone is willing to help I can post more info as needed.


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Looks like there is an admin.conf file (commonRNASEQ/admin.conf) where you can file in the your host, username and password. Try modifying it with the correct information and running your command again. –  Perception Apr 19 '13 at 12:14
Thanks for the reply, I think I've got to the root problem (in the last few minutes actually) which relates to a change in syntax from TYPE=MyISAM, to ENGINE=MyISAM in one of the associated Perl scripts which connects data to the mysql database. The latest MySQL update changed the syntax and I guess some Perl scripts must be lagging behind. That was painful... Jonny –  Jonny_D Apr 19 '13 at 13:35
Actually, Perception, you were on the money also. Turns out I needed to change the admin.conf inputs also. Thanks! –  Jonny_D Apr 19 '13 at 13:57

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