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When I manually make an email in Outlook 2010, and add voting (via Menu Options, Use Voting Buttons, select Approve, Reject) ... the receiver gets an email where inside the body of the email it is said "Vote by clicking Vote in the Respond group above". Voting can be done by the Vote-button (select Approve or Reject).

When I programmatically create a "voting" email via VB.NET, I use the Outlook object and set : MailMessage.VotingOptions = VOTING_APPROVAL & ";" & VOTING_REJECTION MailMessage.VotingResponse = Outlook.OlActionReplyStyle.olIncludeOriginalText

Above all works fine, both manual as programatic.

What happens is the following, when the receiver of the email replies he selects a voting-button and replies/sends the email (with or without adding some comments) the original emailtext is NOT included in the email. This behaviour happens with the manual email, aswell as with the programmatic email.

How can I have the original emailtext included in the reply-email.

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