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I have a grid layout JPanel, with many icons drawn on it. I need the icons to change after the player moves because the map changes. Here's the method I came up with:

public void initGridIcons(JPanel pnl, String map) {
    char[] tiles = map.toCharArray();
    for (char ch : tiles) {
        JLabel label = new JLabel("");
        String icon = "";
        switch (ch) { // lots of cases irrelevant to problem
        label.setIcon(new ImageIcon(ClientGUI.class
                .getResource("/resources/" + icon)));

This works initially, in that it does draw the player and the map correctly. However it doesn't change after each turn.

I've tried using this method just with an iterator counter (change on even numbers) to make sure it wasn't any other code, and it doesn't work, so I'm sure it's this.

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This may work initially before the applications's container JFrame is made visible, but calls to revalidate and repaint would be necessary on the JPanel to get it to work at runtime.

for (char ch : tiles) {


If the number of Icons to be set is a fixed number, then JLabel#setIcon can simply be called to change the icons.

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pnl.revalidate() and pnl.repaint() worked for me, thank you – njl Apr 19 '13 at 12:56

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