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I have jquery and jquery ui installed on my site, I have

        //alert('it ran');
        $('.global_search').autocomplete({ source: "global_search.php", select: function( event, ui){ window.open( ui.item.url ); } });

and when I look in the network tab in chrome I see the result global_search.php?term=54650 ( Note I searched for 54650 )

The response I get from that is

{"150000":{"name":"Event: TestRod08.28.2012","value":"Event: TestRod08.28.2012","link":"event_profile.php?event_id=2939"}}

Which should display "Event: TestRod08.28.2012" and on click should go to event_profile.php?event_id=2939 but the list never show's up? I have other jquery autocomplete's working on the same page and there list's are showing just fine. Any Idea's?

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    source : function(request, callback) {
            url : "data.json",
        datatype: 'json'
        }).done(function(data) {
            var results = []

            $.each(data, function(key, value) {
                                    id : key,
                                    label : value.name,
                    url: value.link

    select : function(event, ui) {

Demo: Plunker

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var options, a;
  options = { serviceUrl:'global_search.php'};
  a = $('.global_search').autocomplete(options);

You can try that.

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Found out that my global_search.php was returning a json object instead of a json array ( I had keyed values ) when I removed the key's it works just fine

Thank you everyone for your help

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