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I just started to use Susy. When I apply span-columns() mixins, the markup does applies correctly, but sass throws an error: (Line 276: Undefined mixin 'span-columns'.)

#element-1 {
  @include span-columns(6, 12);
#element-2 {
  @include span-columns(6 omega, 12);
  • Sass 3.3.0.alpha.3
  • Compass 0.12.2
  • susy-1.0.8

-- Edit: Fixed - it was me assuming that including Susy in a previously included scss file would be suffice to work in the last included scss file (which in a way it did). I included Susy again.

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Have you required Susy in the Compass config.rb file in the project folders root?

require "susy";

And have you imported Susy and Compass in the init of your scss file?

@import 'compass'; 
@import 'susy';
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Thanks - I updated my post with the answer. –  Danny_Joris Apr 19 '13 at 17:04

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