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Inside my FormPanel , I have a fieldset with a layout of 'column'. I have tried several different config properties but i cannot get the label for my textfield to work. It just renders the textbox without a label. (Obviously, if i make the layout type 'form', i have no issues). The text for the checkboxes shows fine, but the textbox label does not. Can someone point out what is wrong ? thanks!

title:'Transaction Status',
layout: 'column',
,height:125//or:'-20', allowBlank:false}
,defaultType: 'checkbox'    		
,defaults: {
    	columnWidth: '.32',
    	border: false

 items: [{
            name: 'check1',
            boxLabel: 'DOT'
            boxLabel: 'Results Matched',
            name: 'check2'
            name: 'testname',       	      
            fieldLabel:'This doesnt show'
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Ext Docs for TextField

"This config is only used when this Component is rendered by a Container which has been configured to use the FormLayout layout manager."

So, since you have a layout of "column", I don't think it will render.

Best best is probably to place your check boxes in a separate field set below the text entry boxes, or just remove the column layout style and change it to form (the default).

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I had the same problem with you..

I solved it using panel xtype.

set your checkboxes becomes the items of a panel.

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