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So, I've got some kind of database and I use regular expressions to process all those lines. But the problem is there may be no or not single '@' symbol in email section. I decided to put @ before domain(there are not many of them) and then just remove all the @'s I don't need. I use some online regular expressions constructors - like this one http://www.phpliveregex.com/ . I got following regular expression for putting @ before domain:

preg_replace("/(dodgit|trashymail|pookmail|spambob|mailinator)/", "@$1", $myline); 

But it just doesn't work. For example:


doesn't change after this script.

What can be wrong? I'm new to PHP so sorry if the problem is really stupid :)

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You need to get the return value

$newLine = preg_replace("/(dodgit|trashymail|pookmail|spambob|mailinator)/", "@$1", $myline);

$newLine will contain the email with the @, $myline will continue to hold the one without. preg_replace does not mutate the original variable

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Your regex works fine. I would check to make sure you're looking at the right variable. preg_replace doesn't overwrite the variable, but instead returns it.

For a working example: http://codepad.org/PSxK7Jtv

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