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I am trying to decrypted IDTECH credit card reader's encrypted data.

This details has been encrypted using Triple DES with CBC cipher using DUKPT.

Encrypted Swipe (coming from IDTECH credit card reader):


Available details for decryption::

Key Value: F5 BF 6B E8 55 AB 92 3A DE 7E 77 40 D8 46 F9 DE
KSN: 62 99 49 01 25 00 00 00 00 1A

Decrypted Data (Result): Data in ASCII Format


Can any security algorithm or JAVA expert can guide me how I can go ahead for decryption of this data.

I am looking for solution in java.

Is above information sufficient to decrypt data or need more info?

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did you found any solution to this? – Jay Oct 4 '13 at 13:27

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It's highly unlikely you'll be able to decrypt it, as you would also need to know the Base Derivation Key (BDK) and/or the Inital PIN Encrypting Key (IPEK) which the manufacturer has embeded into the device. You'd also need to know how they generate the KSN from the BDK. They're unlikely to share all that information with you, as it would render the encryption useless.


Which leads onto the next question. Why do you want to decrypt this information? The plain text portion of the returned data contains (PCI Compliant) segments of the card number (first four digits, last four digits). If you were able to decrypt the full card number, then the full weight of PCI compliance would fall on your shoulders, and consequently make using a 3rd party device useless.

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