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I need to show to a user an interface of some application running on a server using a browser. It should be like RDP-client for a single application on a server.

Are there any solutions or services that can implement following functionality? Maybe Citrix?

Thanks in advance!

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This looks like what you're looking for:


About FreeRDP-WebConnect

FreeRDP-WebConnect is an open source gateway for accessing RDP sessions using any HTML5 compliant browser. In particular it relies on the Canvas and the WebSockets feature. FreeRDP-WebConnect is a subproject of the FreeRDP project.

On the server side, a standalone daemon - written in C++ - provides a Web page via HTTPS (or HTTP, if configured) and uses FreeRDP libs to connect as a client to any RDP session. The server side WebSockets implementation handles current RFC6455 only, so browsers that implement the older drafts do not work. With RFC6455 being raised to the "Proposed Standard" level, this should change now really soon.

I would create an account on the server for the user, and only give it access to the one application it needs access to.

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Thanks for your reply. Do you know, does this application support multiple user access simultaneously? –  Taras Apr 19 '13 at 15:24
I do not, but I would assume it does. I've never used it myself having never had the need. I found it on Google with a search, though I may play with it a bit later. –  DavidScherer Apr 19 '13 at 15:40

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