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Where should I keep external files in play framework? I tried adding it to conf folder, it didn't work. Then I added it in project folder, it didn't work either. I defined the dependency in build.scala, but that didn't work as well. That file is supposed to be used in file input stream.

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The contents of conf, including subdirectories, will be available on classpath. Then you can access it in your application.

For example, if you create a resources directory in conf and put a file in it:

 -- app
 -- bin
 -- conf
   - resources
       - myfile

Then you can get the contents as:

val stream = getClass.getResourceAsStream("/resources/myfile")
val content = io.Source.fromInputStream(stream).mkString

You can inspect what gets copied and is made available on classpath by going to <play root>/target/scala-xx/classes/.

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