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I'd like to find out which of the DLLs located in various of my installed softwares have been compiled with SafeSEH and which ones haven't. Is there a tool that could give me that information, otherwise what would be the best solution to code something that does that verification?

Thanks in advance.

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If you need to do it programmatically, parse the PE format, look through the directory entries, check if the exception directory has an RVA of 0. If it does, there's no SafeSEH. –  Polynomial Feb 21 '14 at 10:35

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You could start out by taking this tool, SafeSEH Dump and examine the output. It shouldn't be too hard to run it batch-like against a list of all your DLLs. You need to create a login to download it. Here's a blog post that references SafeSEH Dump too, but the download link at that page seems dead.

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Also you can use dumpbin.exe /loadconfig to look for the presence of the Safe Exception Handler table. More info here: http://www.jwsecure.com/dan/2007/07/06/the-safe-exception-handler-table/

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