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In where clause I have

Select B.ID,
from B, table1 a left outer join table3 c on a.jew = c.mew
Where B.ID = A.ID
AND a.event_type in ('APPLE','ORANGE','GRAPE')

My Problem is my querty doesn't show if for example some records of ID doesn't all 3 (apple,orange,grape). I would still like to pull all ID even if it doesn't have all 3 or none of Apple orange, Grape.

Example: Lets say my database has total of 5 records

ID=1 has event type of Apple, Orange, Grape also has none but it has others also I don't care about it
ID=2 Apple
ID=3 Orange
ID=4 Apple,Orange Grape
ID=5 none of 3 but others I don't care about

So currently my query is just pulling where ID=1, I want to modify where it pulls all 5 condition.

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It is unclear what you are trying to achieve. Can you make an example with some relevant data and the expected result? – Vincent Malgrat Apr 19 '13 at 15:22
Plz see update. – Mowgli Apr 19 '13 at 17:01
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You want any of the three event types or none. For this, use left outer joins but put all the conditions in the on clause:

SELECT B.ID, B.TIME_1, B.TIME_2, A.event_type, A.jew, C.dist
FROM B left outer join
     table1 A 
     ON B.ID = A.ID and
        A.event_type in ('APPLE','ORANGE','GRAPE') LEFT OUTER JOIN
     table3 C 
     ON A.jew = C.mew
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Thanks a lot, looks like it worked. – Mowgli Apr 22 '13 at 13:06

You need to do a left join also with your table1, and add a condition in case there is no match between B and table1:

    LEFT OUTER JOIN table1 A 
        ON B.ID = A.ID
            LEFT OUTER JOIN table3 C 
                ON A.jew = C.mew
WHERE A.event_type IS NULL
OR A.event_type in ('APPLE','ORANGE','GRAPE')
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I tried what you suggested, and I am still missing records which only has Apple in it. – Mowgli Apr 19 '13 at 16:11

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